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The Memory of Chiffon


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The Memory of Chiffon tells the story of Cate - a 42-year old woman whose life is in crisis, whose mother has Alzheimers and whose eight-year old daughter has created a world of mythical creatures to help her cope with her parents’ recent divorce. Through embarking on an epic travel adventure with her daughter and mother - and her mother’s old recipe books - Cate discovers the true meaning of her life. 

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Alzheimer's disease

[Love in the Time of Dementia]

There is a lot of information about Alzheimer's disease out there. A lot of medical and support groups will tell you about the symptoms, the progression, the treatment and the cure (there isn't one). But none of them really tell you how it feels. How it feels for you, the person whose mother has Alzheimer's. Or how it feels for her, the woman whose life has become a deeply disturbing and unfathomable place. A mother whose mind has become unrecognisable to her. None of them tell you what to do with those feelings. None of them tell you how shitty Alzheimer's really is, how much time and patience it takes, how deeply it impacts the lives of everyone in a family. How heartbreakingly destructive it is. 

I'm not a doctor, and I'm not an expert on everyone's Alzheimer's experience...only my own, only my mother's. But I lived it for 15 years and at the end of it all, I did find a way to survive it. We all did. And we all hated it. But we did it...and so will you. And if I can help by sharing my experience, then maybe some of those 15 years will have been worth it.

Love is the only way to survive living with Alzheimer's disease. You need to love the person suffering. You need to take care of yourself because you are suffering too. And you need to take help and support from wherever you can get it. So, I'll be here to share my experience with Alzheimer's disease with you, and all I hope is that my journey will help you on yours.

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