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The Animal Adventures in Africa series offers an exciting way for children to become aware of wildlife challenges, and has been enthusiastically received by parents, educators and especially young readers. The series is comprised of books aimed at children between 7 – 11 years old. Each story in the series touches on principles of honesty, integrity and loyalty, and helps children become aware of the vital role they have to play in wildlife protection, in a very entertaining way.

AN ELephant's Tail

The first in the exciting Animal Adventures in Africa series, 'An Elephant’s Tail' is the engaging story of a young group of animals growing up in a game reserve somewhere in Africa. They embark on a great adventure to save a little boy from a clan of hyenas, and end up rescuing a baby elephant from a raging fire. Through their escapades, they meet Michael, the son of the Head Ranger and learn the meaning of friendship and helping others in need.

Serengeti safari

'Serengeti Safari' is the second book in the popular Animal Adventures in Africa series. Curious to know what animals do in other game reserves, Lee O the lion cub and his four best friends stow away in a truck translocating elephants to the Serengeti. Once there, they get involved in the most amazing adventures, escaping a stampede and saving a wildebeest calf from a crocodile...and on top of it all, they still have to find a way home!



Just back from their amazing safari to the Serengeti, the five young animal friends go looking for an adventure in their own game reserve. What they find is beyond their wildest imaginings! The escapade starts with Lee O and Bongo sneaking into the lodge and almost getting caught! During their escape Lee O meets a young African boy who - incredibly - seems to be able to communicate with them! And then just when it seems that things can't get more exciting, Hevi is caught in a poacher's snare! Will the animal friends be able to free him from the wire tightening around his foot, before it's too late? And can Wild Child really speak to animals?





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