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The Eternal Wait


The Eternal Wait is an important story in current society, grappling with complex social and church issues through the main protagonists, a female journalist, Alexa, and a Catholic Priest, Daniel. 


The book explores their parallel lives and their relationships, at the same time as it delves into the concept of Truth, playing itself out through the conflict of the human spirit. It also speaks of the spirit that is alive in the former Yugoslavia and South Africa - and in the souls of the people who are rooted in the soil of these lands. 


I am passionate about the complex issues that this book grapples with, through its diverse characters and their relationships. The landscapes that the story is set against - the war in former Yugoslavia, the Catholic Church and South Africa - give it universal appeal. The world’s scrutiny has been focussed on the emotional topic of child abuse by priests in recent years, as well as the re-evaluation of celibacy in terms of the future of the church. I believe this book has never been more relevant than now. I write it from the belief that change is both imminent and inevitable.

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